MW2 CFG mod menu NO computer NO jailbreak! PS3! Enjoy

MW2 CFG mod menu NO computer NO jailbreak! PS3! Enjoy
Hey guys hope you Like & Subscrilbe👍 If you need any help I will get back to you ASAP! This is a 100% WORKING mod menu! 

Go to : internet browser 

Search : YouTube

Type in : xpowermods v10 CFG mod menu

Click : The first one

Scroll down and click : see more 

Click : Without winwar Link\download

Download it!

Something should pop up : about the USB DONT click the USB! Go to OK or press START!

Let it : download!

When done : exit the Internet browser

Get a friend to give you : a CFG

Back out! : Go to split screen 

Go to : Create

Got to : game setup 

Turn : PlayStation network unlocks ON!

Start the match!

Press : Up on d pad to open the menu then press square to exit then end the game

Controls : open is up on d pad and down there are two! R3 to click it! Square is to close the menu! SOME MODS DONT WORK! MOST OF THEM DO!👍

Go to : Play online public match or online doesn't matter they BOTH work!!! And ENJOY!😆👍 Please feel free to comment! LIKE & SUBSCRILBE!😆 THANKS! ADD :  Scriptic_viZe To contact or get into nodded lobby's!👍

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